WWOOF Experience in Takayama, Potato Digging Day!

Once a year, the Suwa family will hold an annual potato digging day and I was lucky to be WWOOFing at their farm during this period. The name of this event is pretty much self-explanatory, as you would have known, be prepared to come and dig for potatos and more potatos! I soon found out that potato digging day attracts many families with young children as you can see below. 

See those big blue baskets below? That is where all the potatos go to after they have been dug up. We fill the baskets to the brim and they weigh a ton! 

It is not the end after a long hard day of potato digging. The next process is to sort the potatoes according to the type. Have you ever seen so many potatoes in your life before? 

After all the hard work that has been done during the day, it was time for lunch and playtime for the children.