Professional Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

 APVT Media Productions provides a wide range of aerial services & solutions that can be catered specifically to your needs. Our drones are equipped with industry leading camera stabilisers. This makes it the most affordable & cost effective solution currently to obtain high quality aerial photographs & stabilised fluid drone aerial video footage.

Whether it is to capture stunning aerial views of landscapes, tv commercials, aerial photography for annual reports, aerial inspections & photography of buildings/flare tips/oil rigs/ships, weddings or commercial event aerial coverage we can do it all.

Features & Capabilities of our Aerial Systems: 

Max Range: 2-3km (clear & unobstructed)

Max Altitude: 6000m above sea level

Max Speed: 55km/hr (Windless condition)

Flight time: 17 - 20mins 

Photos: RAW/JPEG

Video: HD/4K Video


Combo 1

  • 2 Hours Drone Aerial Photography 
  • Complimentary Editing (10 Images)
  • JPEG Photos 
  • 1 Location

In this combo package we deliver high quality images from multiple perspectives, according to what you require, it is most suitable for clients who require just aerial photographs only.

Combo 2

  • 2 Hours Drone Aerial Photography
  • 2 Hours Drone Aerial Video 
  • Complimentary Editing (15 Images) 
  • JPEG Photos 
  • HD/4K Video
  • 1 Location

This combo package is most suited for clients who require both high quality aerial photographs & video. Photographs can be shot from unique aerial perspectives with smooth & fluid stabilised video footage, only achievable with our team of experienced drone operators & creative photographers.

Combo 3

  • 5 Hours Drone Aerial Photography
  • 5 Hours Drone Aerial Video
  • Complimentary Photo Editing & Colour Correction (30 Images) 
  • JPEG Photos 
  • HD/4K Video 
  • 2-3 Locations

FREE: Video Editing Service + Music

The ultimate aerial solution package for clients who require the shoot to be at multiple locations, requiring high quality aerial photos & stabilised aerial video footage. For this package, we also provide a complimentary video edit if it is required. 

Combo 4

  • 4 Hours Drone Aerial Photography
  • 4 Hours Drone Aerial Video
  • 2 Hours Ground Photography 
  • Complimentary Photo Editing & Colour Correction (40 Images)
  • JPEG Photos (Aerial) 
  • JPEG Photos (Ground Exterior + Interior) 
  • HD/4k Video 

Please kindly contact our friendly team for a no obligations quotation or to further discuss the details of any assignment you have in mind, as every job is unique in its nature, our pricing model varies based on the risk level, location of shoot & job requirements.


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