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We are a team of young multi-skilled individuals based in Singapore with key specialisations in drone aerial photography, drone aerial video & real estate photography.

We have close to 10 years experience in flying aerial drones & architecture photography. In the recent years, we have had the opportunity to work around the globe with various clients from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan & Japan in projects relating to real estate, automobile, maritime, sports & tourism.

The aerial drones we have are not only for work, it is also our passion. Many a time during our off days or even on vacations, we would most likely also be out flying, creating beautiful aerial photography & video work.

The amount of time we spend flying translates to us being very experienced & smooth drone operators, regardless of any project you may have in mind, we are most confident to be able to provide a professional solution for you. 

Our rates for aerial photography, drone aerial video & real estate photography are affordable & value for money.

 Why Hire Us?

We are a distinct team of aerial drone pilots with a unique skill set that specialises in capturing close proximity drone aerial video footage.

Most drone aerial videos that you see on the web now are usually shot & filmed from a high point of view, we can do all of that, but much more, that is what differentiates us from the rest.   

If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough

We are professional pilots with the ability to fly at low altitude & close to objects, getting right to the heart of the action. This is especially useful for close range tracking shots, where you want the viewer to be totally immersed in the video that he/she is watching.

With this flying technique, our aerial filming platform becomes a slider, dolly, jib, crane or helicopter.

Close proximity flying is required & useful in an array of situations, below are just a few examples:

- Car Chase

- Boat Chase 

- Subject Tracking 

- Action Scenes

- Aerial Inspection

Services We Provide

Drone Aerial Photography & Drone Aerial Video

Aerial Inspection Services (Chimney, Power Line, Flare Inspection etc) & Surveillance

Aerial Mapping & 360 Virtual Reality Tours

Architecture, Real Estate, Landscape & Commercial Photography

And much more! Drop us an enquiry to discuss!

CAAS Licensed Drone Operator

We also adhere strictly to the country's laws & regulations governing drone flights, as such we are also a fully licensed drone operator, registered with CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority Of Singapore). As with every job that is tasked upon us, we will also apply for the required activity permit & obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the job is carried out, We are professional, experienced & committed to produce results for any assignment. 


Over the years we have compiled some of the best drone aerial videos that we have made in this section




Commercial & Tourism